Norma, Genova, Italy, April 1994

La Repubblica, April 24, 1994
“Ms. DeMaio has also, inevitably, studied the lessons of the great Callas, using better methods [than the opening night cast] and, thanks to a more complete technique, was able to use the vocal effects of the Greek-American soprano in the middle and low registers: ‘voci di guerra’ ‘pili romani’ and ‘qual’consunta morra’ for example, already in the recitative that proceeds the cavatina of the first act, and also ‘d’esser lor madre’ and ‘troppo orrendo e un tal dubbio.’
In the andante ‘Casta Diva’…the B flat has a beautiful expansion and the coloratura passages are correct and fluid…as an interpreter Ms.DeMaio doesn’t lack the tragic stature required by the piece and is also effective in the sections requiring pathos.”

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